Signs & Supplies

Are you shopping for a durable MUTCD sign? At Evangeline Specialties we sell a variety of MUTCD traffic signs. From parking signs, safety signs, and roll up signs, to property signs and Ada Braille signs. Our city limit signs come in a variety of designs and colors. Shop our MUTCD compliant radar speed signs. Made with high quality LED lights, these radar speed signs are highly visible to drivers even at a distance. Whether you’re shopping for a street name sign, property sign, or a custom sign we carry the traffic sign you’re looking for. We also carry everything you need to put up your road sign, traffic sign, or property sign. From sign posts and sign stands to sign hardware and tools; you’ll find what you need to install your sign. Looking for safety products for your city or municipal road construction project? Browse our wide selection of construction safety products. From speed bumps & humps to pavement markings, you’ll find the safety product you need here. We have a variety of barricades, channelizers, and cones that are designed with appropriate and recognizable safety colors.

Flags and Banners

Looking for an American or state flag? We have a great selection of flags. Choose from Christian flags and Acadian flags, to Mardi Gras flags and pleated fans. Our American flags are a great way to show your patriotism. Perfect for municipal, commercial or residential use, our American flags will enhance any outdoor area. Our worship flags and Catholic flags look beautiful in any church. Shopping for a custom flag? No problem. Simply submit your artwork or design and we will build you a beautiful custom flag. We also carry a variety of military flags such as; US Air Force flags, US Army flags, National Guard flags, US Marine Corps flags, US Coast Guard flags, US Navy flags and US POW-MIA flags. Show the love of your state with a state flag. We carry flags for every state as well as custom and personalized signs.

Christmas Decorations

Shopping for Christmas decorations to decorate your home, office, or business? We carry a wide selection of municipal Christmas decorations for your business. Our commercial city Christmas decoration will bring the Christmas spirit to your business, government building, city, mall, or shopping center. By decorating with commercial and municipal Christmas decorations you can be sure that visitors and customers will be able to see your Christmas decorations from afar. Our high quality commercial Christmas decorations are big and colorful. Add some Christmas magic to your business, commercial property, municipal building, or government building. Shop our near life-size nativity sets and shatterproof Christmas ornaments. From Christmas candles, Christmas bells, and lanterns, to shatterproof balls, and Christmas bows, you’ll find all the Christmas ornaments you need to decorate your Christmas tree, or the exterior of your business. Whether you’re shopping for outdoor Christmas decoration for your church, city, municipal building, business, government building, commercial property or your home, you can find all your indoor and outdoor Christmas decorating supplies here at Evangeline Specialties.

Custom Printing

Evangeline Specialties is your one stop shop for custom printing. Located in Lafayette Louisiana, we are proud to serve the custom printing needs of local business owners and residents. If you don’t live in Louisiana, don’t worry. We ship our custom products everywhere in the United Sates. Browse our selection of custom promotional items. Choose from; custom decals, custom stationary, or even personalized pens and customized plaques. All these items can be customized with your business logo, name, or whatever team, school, college, or university you want to promote. We even carry custom Christmas ornaments and custom gifts. Need professional custom business cards or event flyers? We’ve got you covered. We also carry custom apparel. Shop our customizable clothing and hats. Shopping for a custom municipal MUTCD street sign? Choose from our selection of custom MUTCD road signs, custom construction signs, and custom street signs to find the type of sign that you want customized.