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  • RP-BASE Surface Mount Sign Support Base
  • AB-10 Adjustable Band Bracket Assembly
  • Sign Crosses-Super Lock - Flat
  • Flared Leg Stainless Steel Bracket with Bolt & Plastic Washer
  • AB-10 Bracket
  • BA90F U-Channel Post Caps-Super Lock 90 - Flat
  • U-Channel Post Caps-Super Lock - Flat
  • BA8 Round Post Caps-Super Lock-Flat
  • PPB-12 Interlocking Bracket Set-1
  • Square Post Cap Bracket - 2" Flat
  • BA3 Round Post Caps-Rock Proof
  • Sign Crosses-Super Lock - Extruded
  • UNIV457X Universal Bracket - Extruded
  • SX0073 Medium Channel Extrusions, 1"x1"x120"
  • WING#4 Aluminum Wing Bracket for Flat Signs
  • Straight Leg Stainless Steel Bracket with Bolt & Plastic Washer
  • U-Channel Post Caps-Rock Proof
  • BA390 Sign Crosses-Rock Proof
  • Corinthian Post Base
  • UNIV457F Universal Bracket - Flat
  • SNAP’n SAFE U-Channel Post Surface Mount Break Away Device
  • SAFETY-SPLICE Safety Splice Kit
  • Swing Overhead Span Wire Bracket
  • Wood Post Cap - Street Sign Bracket
  • RPBCAB3 Chevron Adjustable Brackets
  • Pre-Drilled Z Bar
  • BA8AADJUST Sign Cross Universal Heavy Duty
  • Metro Wing Bracket 24" Wide
  • PPB-13 Interlocking Bracket Set-2
  • Single Bolt Flared Leg Brack-It (50/ea.)
  • Single Bolt Straight Leg Brack-It (50/ea.)
  • Square Post Cap Bracket - 1-3/4" Flat
  • CPC250 Acorn Post Cap
  • Finial
  • Surface Mount Sign Post Base
  • Pyramid Post Cap - 1-3/4"
  • EC-2 Flat Post Cap
  • COM77 Overhead Span Wire Bracket
  • COM88 Overhead Mast Arm Bracket
  • Round Post Caps-Super Lock - Extruded

Brackets - Sign Brackets, Breakaway Brackets, Span Wire Brackets

Looking for a bracket for your road or traffic sign? At Evangeline Specialties we carry a wide selection of brackets for signage. Browse our breakaway brackets, span wire brackets and master arm brackets. If you’re shopping of post anchors, post caps, post couplers, or post bases for signs we have those too. Find all the brackets you need for you traffic sign, road sign, or construction sign here.

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