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  • Plasticade A-Frame Barricade Type I
  • Plasticade A-Frame Barricade Type II
  • Plasticade A-Frame Barricade Leg
  • I-Beam Barricade Board
  • Plasticade Break-Away Type III Barricade
  • Plastic Power Barricade Upright Post
  • Plasticade Telespar Type III Barricade
  • Telespar Barricade Uprights
  • Telespar Foot with 6" Riser
  • Plasticade Type III Barricade Boards
  • Volcano Rubber Base for 1.75" Square Post
  • Plasticade Barricade Type I and II
  • Econocade Barricades Type I and II
  • Combocade Barricades Type I And II
  • 18" Wide Body Non-Reflective Cone
  • 18" Wide Body Reflective Cone
  • 28" Wide Body Reflective Cone
  • 36" Wide Body Reflective Cone
  • Vertical Panel
  • Vertical Panel Rubber Base
  • Navicade Channelizer Cone 49 1/2"
  • Navicade Rubber Bases
  • Watchtower Delineators 42"
  • Delineator Rubber Base 12lb
  • Traffic Drum
  • Traffic Drum Tire Ring Base
  • Narrowcade Folding Sign Stand Signage 45"x13"
  • Minicade Folding Sign Stand Signage 36"x13"
  • Signicade Folding Sign Stand Signage 45"x25"
  • Parade Barricade-Bridge Feet 8'7"x43"
  • Parade Barricade-Flat Feet 8'7"x43"
  • Parade Barricade 7'x43"
  • Parade Barricade-Flat Feet 6'7"x43"
  • Parade Barricade-Bridge Feet 6'7"x43"
  • Parade Barricade-Flat Feet 4'7"X43"
  • Parade Barricade-Bridge Feet 4'7"X43"
  • Parade Barricade Swing-Gate
  • Type III Barricade - Square Posts, Angle Iron Feet

Barricades, Channelizers & Cones - Traffic Cones, Parade Barricades

Shopping for parade barricades or channelizers? At Evangeline Specialties we carry a wide selection of safety barricades and traffic cones. Choose from a variety of barricades. From metal to plastic, A-frame, or folding you find the barricades you're looking for here. Our parade barricades come in various sizes, so you can find the perfect safety barricade for your event or parade. We also offer reflective and non-reflective traffic cones. Our traffic cones are durable and made to rebound, even after being run over. Looking for attenuator barrels? Shop our heavy duty and leak-proof attenuator barrels. Need a traffic drum barrel for crowd control or a construction project? Check out our commander traffic drum barrels that are made with high density plastic. Find all of your traffic and crowd control safety products here.

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