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147 products
  • Plasticade Type III Barricade Boards
  • Plasticade Angle Iron Type III Barricade
  • Plasticade Telespar Type III Barricade
  • Car Stop Hardware - Concrete
  • Speed Bump and Speed Hump Asphalt Hardware
  • Speed Bump and Speed Hump Concrete Hardware
  • Car Stop 6' Yellow Plastic
  • Car Stop 6' Rubber
  • Plastic Speed Bump Hardware Anchor Kit
  • CRM RoadMarker Post
  • 6' Speed Bump - Plastic
  • CDS Survivor Post
  • 6' Speed Bump - Rubber
  • 212-3LW LED Type B Barricade Light
  • Z Mounting Bracket
  • Center Mounting Bracket
  • Left Side Mounting Bracket
  • Right Side Mounting Bracket
  • Barrier L Mounting Bracket
  • Combocade Barricades Type II
  • Y2K - LED Barricade Light
  • Caution Tape
  • Fire Line Do Not Cross Tape
  • Caution Men Working Overhead Tape
  • Police Line Do Not Cross Tape
  • Caution Open Trench Tape
  • Caution Utility Line Buried Below Tape
  • Crime Scene Do Not Cross Tape
  • Caution Construction Area Tape
  • Sheriff's Line Do Not Cross Tape
  • Caution Do Not Enter Tape
  • Danger Danger Tape
  • Danger Do Not Enter Tape
  • Danger Asbestos Hazard Tape
  • Soft Mesh Vest - Orange - Gold
  • Soft Mesh Vest - Lime - Gold
  • ANSI Class 2 Vest - Orange
  • Lime ANSI Class 2 Vest
  • ANSI Class 3 Vest - Orange
  • 18" Wide Body Non-Reflective Cone

Traffic Control & Safety - Barricades, Channelizers, Cones

Shopping for traffic control or safety products? At Evangeline Specialties we carry a wide selection of safety products. From speed bumps & humps to pavement markings, you’ll find the safety product you need here. Our barricades, channelizers and cones are designed with appropriate and recognizable safety and caution colors. Shop our heavy duty barricades, channelizers, and cones to find the perfect solution for crowd control, road closures, special events, and parades. Whatever type of traffic control or safety product you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

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