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  • R1-1 Stop Sign
  • R1-2 Yield Sign
  • R1-2AP To Oncoming Traffic Sign
  • R1-3A 4-Way Sign
  • R1-3B 3-Way Sign
  • R1-3C 2-Way Sign
  • R1-3P All Way Sign
  • R1-5AL Yield Here to Pedestrians Sign
  • R1-5AR Yield Here to Pedestrians Sign
  • R1-5BL Stop Here For Pedestrians Sign
  • R1-5BR Stop Here For Pedestrians Sign
  • R1-5CL Stop Here For Pedestrians Sign
  • R1-5CR Stop Here For Pedestrians Sign
  • R1-5L Yield Here to Pedestrians Sign
  • R1-5R Yield Here to Pedestrians Sign
  • R1-6 Yield Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign
  • R1-6 Yield Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign
  • R1-6A Stop Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign
  • R1-6A Stop Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign
  • R1-6B Yield Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign
  • R1-6C Stop Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign
  • R1-7 Wait on Stop Sign
  • R1-8 Go On Slow Sign
  • R1-9 Overhead Ped Crossing Sign
  • R1-9A Overhead Ped Crossing Sign
  • R1-10P Except Right Turn Sign
  • R2-1 Speed Limit Sign
  • R2-2P Truck Speed Limit Sign
  • R2-3P Night Speed Limit Sign
  • R2-4A Combined Speed Limit Sign
  • R2-4P Minimum Speed Limit Sign
  • R2-5AP Citywide Sign
  • R2-5BP Neighborhood Sign
  • R2-5CP Residential Sign
  • R2-5P Unless Otherwise Posted Sign
  • R2-6AP Fines Double Sign
  • R2-6BP $___Fine (Plaque) Sign
  • R2-6P Fines Higher Sign
  • R2-10 Begin Higher Fines Zone Sign
  • R2-11 End Higher Fines Zone Sign

Signs - Traffic Signs, Parking Signs, Municipal Signs, MUTCD

Are you shopping for a durable municipal sign? At Evangeline Specialties we sell a variety of MUTCD traffic signs. From municipal signs, parking signs, roll up signs, and safety signs, to property signs and Ada Braille signs. Our city limit signs come in a variety of designs and colors, making it easy for you to find the perfect city limit sign to represent your city and welcome visitors. Shop our MUTCD compliant radar speed signs. Made with high quality LED lights, these radar speed signs are highly visible to drivers even at a distance. Browse our selection of flashing beacons designed to alert drivers to warning signs and stop signs that might otherwise go unnoticed. Whether the signage you’re shopping for is a street name sign, property sign, or a custom sign, we carry the traffic sign you’re looking for.

Traffic Control & Safety - Barricades, Channelizers, Cones

Shopping for traffic control or safety products? At Evangeline Specialties we carry a wide selection of safety products. From speed bumps & humps to pavement markings, you’ll find the safety product you need here. Our barricades, channelizers and cones are designed with appropriate and recognizable safety and caution colors. Shop our heavy duty barricades, channelizers, and cones to find the perfect solution for crowd control, road closures, special events, and parades. Whatever type of traffic control or safety product you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

Shop Signs & Supplies - Sign Blanks, Sheeting, Die Cut Letters

Shopping for sign supplies? At Evangeline Specialties we carry a wide selection of sign supplies and tools. Shop our reflective aluminum sign blanks. Our sign blanks come is a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out our advanced engineer grade reflective die cut letters. Whether you’re looking for uppercase or lowercase die cut letters, you’ll find the perfect Advanced EGR die cut letters for your sign, or project. Looking for high quality sign sheeting? Browse our high intensity and non-reflective sign sheeting. No matter what your sign supply needs are we’ve got it here.

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