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  • Type AR-D - Two Way Amber (Case of 50)
  • Bituminous Marker Adhesive
  • Epoxy Adhesive for Pavement Markers
  • Butyl Pad 4"x4"
  • Type AR-G - One Way Clear (Case of 50)
  • Type AR-H - One Way Amber (Case of 50)
  • Type AR-C - Two Way Red and Clear (Case of 50)
  • Type AR-B - Two Way Clear (Case of 50)
  • Type-G - One Way Clear (Case of 50)
  • Type-H - One Way Amber (Case of 50)
  • Type-R - One Way Red (Case of 50)
  • Type-1-G - One Way Green (Case of 50)
  • Type-D-921 - Two Way Amber (Case of 50)
  • Type-C-921 - Two Way Red & Clear (Case of 50)
  • Type-B-921 - Two Way Clear & Clear (Case of 50)
  • Type-BB-921 - Two Way Blue & Blue (Case of 50)
  • Type-RR-921 - Two Way Red & Red (Case of 50)
  • Type-GG-921 - Two Way Green & Green (Case of 50)
  • Type-RA-921 - Two Way Red & Amber (Case of 50)
  • PreMark Permanent Marking Tape - Yellow
  • PreMark Permanent Marking Tape - White
  • PMT-C4Y Yellow Temporary Marking Tape (Box of 5 Rolls)
  • PMT-C4W White Temporary Marking Tape (Box of 5 Rolls)
  • Stencils - Coming Soon

Pavement Markings - PreMark Permanent Tape, Temporary Marking Tape

Shopping for pavement markings for your road work or road construction project? At Evangeline Specialties we carry a wide selection of pavement markings and road work accessories. From one way to two way pavement markings, we’ve got the pavement markings you’re looking for. Our pavement markings come in a variety of colors. Shop our ASTM E 1710 certified PreMark permanent tape in white or yellow. We also carry temporary marking tapes with color options of yellow and white. Our temporary marking tapes are grade foil backed and reflective. Need a simple traffic counting device? The Traffic Tally 2 vehicle counter kit comes with a road hose kit and is known for providing reliable traffic data. With LCD display, a single road tube input and long battery life, the Traffic Tally 2 will give you dependable traffic data every time.

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