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  • 26ft Incandescent Icicle Light Set 6" Spaced
  • 9ft Incandescent Icicle Light Set 6" Spaced
  • 8.5ft Incandescent Icicle Light Set 6" Spaced 18" Drops
  • 3ft Incandescent Window Icicle Set
  • 19.3ft LED Icicle Light Set - 8 Functions
  • 12ft LED Drip Icicle Light Set
  • 12ft LED Icicle Drip Light Set
  • 12ft LED Icicle Shooting Star Light Set - Cool White
  • 12ft LED Icicle Shooting Star Light Set - Warm White
  • 11.5ft LED Icicle Light Set with Snow Flakes
  • 7ft M5 LED Icicle Light Set

Icicle Light Sets - LED Icicle Lights, Christmas Icicle Lights

Shopping for an outdoor Christmas icicle light set? At Evangeline Specialties we carry a variety of Christmas icicle light sets. Icicle lights are a great way to add elegance to your outdoor Christmas decorations. By hanging icicle string lights on the exterior of your home, business, or government building you’ll let all your friends, family, and customers know you are celebrating the Christmas season. Our outdoor icicle light sets come in incandescent, LED, in regular or mini sizes. Easily hide the cord of your icicle lights by choosing icicle lights with a wire color that matches the surrounding decor. Choose from icicle light sets with a green wire or icicle light sets with a white wire. If you’re shopping for a twinkling icicle light set, we’ve got you covered. Our icicle light set with the twinkling feature is one of our top selling light sets. No matter what type of Christmas icicle light set you’re looking for you’ll find it here.

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