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  • 10" Lawn Speed Stakes Commercial Grade Bulk (PK-100)
  • 100 All Purpose Light Holders (PK-6)
  • 11" Black Wreath Door Hanger (PK-12)
  • 11" Gold Wreath Door Hanger (PK-12)
  • 11" White Wreath Door Hanger (PK-12)
  • 13.75" Gold Tone Wreath Door Hanger (PK-10)
  • 2" Adhesive Wreath Hooks (PK-12)
  • 3 Pk Candle Lock (PK-24)
  • 4Pk Candle Clamp with Suction Cup (PK-12)
  • 5" Lawn Speed Stakes Commercial Grade (PK-12)
  • 5" Lawn Speed Stakes Commercial Grade Bulk (PK-100)
  • 50 All Purpose Light Holders (PK-12)
  • 50 Commercial Grade Multi Application Light Clips (PK-12)
  • 8" Light Stakes (PK-12)
  • Brick Clips (PK-12)
  • Bulk Commercial Grade Multi Application Light Clips (PK-500)
  • Bulk Commercial Grade Parapet Flat Roof Adapter (PK-100)
  • Bulk Commercial Grade Shingle Speed Tabs (PK-500)
  • Cable Ties with Screw Head - 7"
  • Clear Tie It Alls (PK-12)
  • Combo "C" Clip for C-7 or C-9 Sockets | PK-500 & 2,000
  • Double Suction Cup with Wreath Hook 20lbs (PK-6)
  • Frame Attachment Clips
  • Giant Suction Cup with Wreath Hook 10lbs (PK-12)
  • Hex Head Screw - #8 | PK-100
  • Holiday Garland Hooks, Adhesive (PK-12)
  • Masonry Anchor | PK-100
  • Metal Mini Light Clips, Adhesive (PK-1000)
  • Miniature Adhesive Light Clips (PK-12)
  • Standard Cable Tie
  • Suction Cup with Hook 22mm (PK-48)
  • Suction Cup with Hook 42mm (PK-24)
  • Tuff Clip for C7 Bulb (PK-200)
  • Tuff Clip for C9 Bulb (PK-200)
  • White Surface Clips | PK-500 & 2,000
  • “U” Shaped Mounting Clip - Clear | PK-10

Clips & Hangers - Christmas Light Clips, Mounting Kits for Lights

Shopping for Christmas light clips for your holiday decorations? At Evangeline Specialties we carry a wide selection of Christmas light clips. From our combo “C” clip for C-7& C-9 sockets, floodlight holders, white surface kits, and “U” shaped mounting kits, we’ve got the Christmas light clips you’re looking for. Whether you’re shopping for your home, business, government building, church, commercial property or for municipal use, you’ll be sure to find all the Christmas light clips and Christmas accessories you need for your holiday decorations here.

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